Welcome to the world of adventures!

The lake Baikal - a great and mighty lake enveloped in thousands legends – is the best place for vacation. There are a lot of variants for relaxing on Baikal. You may have the whole rest all seasons. Any your choice like cruises on Baikal, fishing, sight-seeing (excursions) or just vacation in a camping or in a hotel – you perfectly pass time and your souvenirs will be exclusive.

If among different variants of rest such as active tourism or just relaxing on unique nature you choose a sea cruise on Baikal – our company provides you our services with pleasure.

Cruising boat “Dobryi”, class “Luxe” has comfortable cabins. It is equipped by all modern home techniques and electronics, 2 WC-and-bathroom units. The cooker suggests various and delicious menu.

On the whole, the boat has everything for perfect rest.

Apart of this on board “Dobryi”, we are pleased to suggest all the modern equipment for fishing.

Fishing on Baikal – this is a special subject for discussion. Here you may catch and eat the most famous and popular fish of the lake - omul. Baikal is reach not only by omul. There are more than 3 500 of animals and plants in the lake Baikal basin, 2/3 from them are indemiques (unique). However, the scientists say that only 70% of wild world animals and plants are discovered for the moment. It means that you have a chance to become a real discoverer!

One more popular kind of active rest on the lake Baikal is hunting. Every man can feel himself as a real Siberian hunting man! A perfect hunting trophy may be great grouse, deer, Siberian stag, moose deer, roe deer and even the master of Siberian taiga – bear.

We can talk about Baikal for a long time but it is better to see one time this beautiful and unique lake by your own eyes!

Our company is pleased to organize for you visits on sand beaches, sight-seeing in national parks, fishing for omul and hunting, we show Baikalian seal and the Angara river rise and famous Shaman stone!

Welcome to the lake Baikal on cruising boat “Dobryi”!